Ten Facts About Me as a Baker!

I thought you might enjoy to read these ten fun facts about me as a baker. They are a combination of things I did as a baker, things I do, and things I hope to do.

1. I love baking (obviously). I especially love baking around the holidays.

2. I once substituted 3 tbsp. of baking soda for 3 tbsp. of baking powder without adding lemon juice to the baking soda. The pancakes tasted really bad and we had to throw them away.

3. Sometimes I can be really neat when I bake, and sometimes I can be super messy.

4. One time I forgot some chocolate chip cookies in the oven. They turned black, they were so burned!

5. About 4 years ago I helped a lady from a church in her bakery. It was close to Christmas so she was jammed with orders. I got a glimpse of how it is if I would ever open up a bakery. I was really tired at the end. It gave me second thoughts about opening my own bakery.

6. I want to add new recipes to my old favorites, so any suggestions are accepted and appreciated.

7. I don’t always like adding salt to the recipes. But I have to add it. ┬áMost of the time I don’t. :)

8. I don’t like how desserts taste when they are baked from mixes. Somehow they have a different taste than when you bake from scratch.

9. I still haven’t found a good cupcake recipe and sometimes I’m in the mood for cupcakes so bad! I’ll have to keep searching around.

10. I’m against baking with food coloring. It’s absolutely unhealthy and can cause cancer. Same goes with food starch. The ┬ánatural, the better.


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4 thoughts on “Ten Facts About Me as a Baker!

  1. Thanks for sharing! Hmm…here’s ten facts about me :)

    1. My favorite thing to bake is cookies
    2. After that, it’s any other kind of dessert
    3. I am normally very messy when I cook
    4. I really like cleaning the kitchen after myself though =)
    5. When I cook, I normally listen to music
    6. I always “taste-test” my food…just to make sure it’s good for everyone else to eat :)
    7. I don’t really like trying new recipes…unless it’s a dessert or includes chocolate or peanut butter!
    8. Until about a year ago, I didn’t know how to make bread
    9. I’ve never made brownies or cake from scratch before…guess it’s time to start!
    10. the two things that I cook most for my family is cookies and butter-horns.

    Bethany Joy

  2. Oh yes, now I remember what they are. I’ve seen them before, but I didn’t know they’re called butter-horns. :)


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